29th August 2000
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Militaria on The Web remains on the web as an information resource.

After receiving so many requests for information and assistance, we now have a book section on site which we hope you will find different to the usual offerings. The book section will be updated continously and should offer some valuable savings over regular prices.

All pages on this site should work equally well under Explorer or Netscape browsers, however if you do experience difficulties please let us know.

British Army Cap Badges



Lists of Museums with items of military interest across the UK.

Also why not take a look at some of the museums which we have visited in the past, full details and many pictures.

Buying, Selling or Swap?

Adverts from around the world. Buying ? you may find it here ... Selling? adverts are free for private individuals so take why not take 5 minutes to list those surplus items thats been lying around forgotten? Someone, somewhere in the World, may just need that one piece to finish a collection (Free Adverts for Wants & Swaps too !).

Buy Sell or Exchange Militaria with our Militaria Mart


Collectors Guides

Researching or interested in an area of Militaria Collecting?. This section may have what you are looking for, with information on a variety of subjects.

WW2 Campaign Stars from  8.50 Clasps  2.00 All Available. Click for more info.

Need an object identifying? We have a section for this also where you can post details of your item free of charge and hopefully obtain other collectors assistance.

Books & Magazines

Military Books and Magazines covering Military History, Reference, Campaigns Etc., This section is currently under development, but check and see what is currently available.

Military Posters & Artwork

Discover a world of Military Art. Spanning pre World War 1 and onwards take a look at Military Propoganda and Recruitment Posters from around the World.

Military Cap Badges, Glengarry Badges, Helmet Plates, Medals and Cloth Insignia from S.R.S. of South Shields

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